Mark Levin: Mueller Report 'Volume II Is Crap'
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Mark Levin: Mueller Report ‘Volume II Is Crap’

‘Volume II Is Crap’: Levin Blasts 200-page Section in Mueller Report

President Donald J. Trump retweeted an appearance by Mark Levin on “Fox and Friends.”

Like slip-and-fall lawyers, the Democratic Party buoyed by an unbalanced media continues to nit-pick salacious details of a heavily swayed anti-Trump document that belongs on the rack of check-out counters at convenience stores.

“That is why we have a court of law. That is why prosecutors, dammit, are not supposed to write essays like this.”

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Get a Reliable Critique about the Mueller Report from Dan Bongino

Episode 962: Vindication

The sustained coup attempt by the Democratic Party and their sycophants was a catastrophic failure. Half the country’s smarty-pants (said politically correct 😉 ) owe the Deplorables an apology.

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