Million MAGA March at the SWAMP, D.C., Stop the Steal

Trump March DC

Women for America First - Peaceful Protest Pro-Trump Supporters are gathering to rally against an illegitimate so-called President-Elect Biden on Wednesday, January 6th in complete support of re-electing POTUS. The Biden Crime Family, represented by "the big man" Joe and his syndicate won 81,283,098 votes, or 51.3 percent of the…

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Mark Levin: Mueller Report ‘Volume II Is Crap’

Mark Levin: Mueller Report 'Volume II Is Crap'

'Volume II Is Crap': Levin Blasts 200-page Section in Mueller Report President Donald J. Trump retweeted an appearance by Mark Levin on "Fox and Friends." Like slip-and-fall lawyers, the Democratic Party buoyed by an unbalanced media continues to nit-pick salacious details of a heavily swayed anti-Trump document that belongs on…

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