CNN and MSNBC are Bobbleheads
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Mueller report: Establishment Fails to Deliver for the Swamp Dwellers

Real Agents of Putin: The Mainstream Media

As Americans, we need to be afraid that half the country still behaves like drones even when there is absolutely no evidence about President Trump and any connection to Russian collusion.

The special counsel, led by Mueller, did not find that the 2016 Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government despite multiple offers. No one in the Trump organization or campaign accepted offers! Mueller found no collusion between Trump and Russia. Attorney General Barr vows to release as much of the Mueller report as possible but the bobbleheads still refuse to concede.

CNN and MSNBC are Bobbleheads

Even before President Trump was elected, they planned to toss out a duly-elected president. Yet, after being completely exonerated, the bobbleheads at CNN and MSNBC will continue to act on Comedy Central like “Wile E Coyote” with another ‘supergenius method’ to eviscerate his beautiful presidency.

A glaring cheap shot when a loser does not get the results

Take the criminals down Mr. President beginning with Adam Schiff. What is the latest gossip from slimy Adam Schiff today?
What “shovel-ready” attack comes from ‘left-over’ members of the National Review publication today?

Mueller: “Trump is innocent but not exonerated”
Comey: “ Hillary is guilty but not prosecuted”
by Nina E. @comment on YouTube, 3/25/2019

Donald Trump is innocent and has earned the right to be re-elected in 2020. MAGA!

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