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The Socialist Liberals Hate Donald Trump and They Hate You Too!

Free speech is a tenet of democracy. Free speech representing all the people is an expression of enlightenment with encouragement from a free less opinionated press.

Progressive Liberals are the Loudest Voices Around Town

During the Trump presidency, the Democrats have tried every which way to impeach a duly elected president. Taking a perspective from outer space, the logic and reasoning behind their attempts bring to sunlight a large faction that hasn’t gotten out of diaper training – and the diaper rash shows!

Ironically speaking with a little hyperbole, progressive liberals scream about everything. They are braggadocios while sipping wine about how their views are the most equitable and most thought-out, essentially inferring that any other view is deplorable, inhumane, and politically incorrect. While their opinions sound as though they believe everyone should be treated fairly when you boil it down, they behave in the exact same manner they claim to detest.

In the true essentials, they are right. They are bigots.

Anti-Trump groups claim that Trump is divisive and spread anti-inclusive hate messages across the nation. The “Deplorables” declare that the progressive elites are fostered by an exclusive class of celebrity Coastal Elites, a group of narcissistic people who broke their promises to leave America if Trump won the election in 2015.

“Basket of deplorables” is a phrase from a 2016 presidential election campaign speech delivered by Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on September 9, 2016, at a campaign fundraising event, which she used to describe the supporters of her opponent, Republican nominee Donald Trump as racist, sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic. -Wikipedia

In fact, he has drawn the attention of the global populace to what they can do to drastically improve their lives. Trump has exposed massive corruption in the politics of America and other countries.

Leave Celebrity Coastal Elites!

Anti-Trump groups use snippets of his press conference, tweets, and speeches to tell their own version of his story. They do exactly what they claim Trump does. They pick and choose what messages are valid and which statements they claim to be false.

It is turning out that the Russians hoax and the multiple failed attempts to impeach Trump are circling back at the Camelot wagons who in fact committed the same illegal and unethical actions in the first place.

Madame Big House Clinton and her cohorts refused to honor their pledge not to try on multiple occasions to invalidate the results of a duly elected president.

The atrocities committed by the criminal Biden Family dealings with Ukraine and China and the Obama Administration is like a honey-baked ham compared to chicken giblets over a legitimate telephone call made between Trump and former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. Exclusive: Guiliani Details Steps Taken to Authenticated Hunter Biden Material | The Epoch Times

Intolerance Begets Hypocrisy

Groups like Antifa find their platform by stating that anything but left-wing policies and their ridiculous ideas is unfair. They say that the open market provides hardly any growth for small businesses. Socioeconomic hierarchies are outdated class systems and right-wing policies shut-down the needs of the masses. They use main-stream media to back-up their messages, decrying Trump as a narrow-minded POTUS who is leading the country to inevitable doom.

Awkwardly enough, they have been burning and destroying small businesses regardless of color, sex, or creed in Portland, Seattle, and other cities. Worse, they are hurting and killing people that get in their way. Brazen enough to kill police, exactly which policies are they dictating to us? How do their selfish antics sway the mood of the country?

Point the Finger at the Deplorables

Interestingly, while socialist liberals hate Trump, the people they really hate are people like us. Socialist liberals point the finger at anyone who is different from them. If you do not believe in radical leftist policies, they condemn you. In fact, they despise you and me.

They pretend to open their ears but refuse to open their minds to your point of view. Socialist progressives claim that right-leaning Trump supporters don’t care about anyone but themselves, saying this behavior is unconscionable. For a moment, let’s pretend it is true. Yet, they practice exactly the same intolerant behavior.

Don’t blame Trump. His is just an instrument in our pursuit of happiness. The Deplorables work hard, keep steady jobs, or stay busy. Take your pick!

Many Pro-Trump supporters are raised in the homeland with pride in their hearts. We joyfully do our best to raise good families and enjoy the camaraderie of everyone.

Deplorables believe in God, Country, and the American Spirit


After Ronald Reagan, America has been in a steady decline. Want proof? Take a quick look is what is happening to California. A mass exodus of people is moving out of the Golden State.

Politicians openly boast about their entitlements and do their best coddling to their sponsors, lobbyists, and self-interests. Their antics are what got Trump elected. They no longer represent the people, and they don’t care if the homeless crisis spews in cities like San Francisco where scoundrels like Pelosi don’t know when to shut up and listen.

Politicians, please find a long-term solution. Get the homeless off the streets and provide the help they want. You have our full support!



Is Media Paid Off or Just Stupid?

Pro-Trump supporters get lousy representation in the media every day. Anyone wearing a MAGA cap opens themselves up to ridicule and hate speech. Someone with the courage to stand up for what they believe should not be subject to the hate spewed by hardcore lefties. It is common to watch Anti-Trump protesters snatch the owners of MAGA caps or beat them up without remorse. Age does not matter. How grotesque!

In an anti-fascist, communism style government, the antics of groups like Antifa would not fly. Their messages and their activities would shut down faster than they can make a cardboard sign.

Socialist liberals say they fight for the ordinary person while, in fact, they chastise them. This is the common folk that lefties are supposed to be fighting for. But hardcore lefties condemn common folks like farmers, ranchers, truckers in the rural communities and small businesses dwelling in the suburbs of America, saying that they are nothing but sheep, following orders from their all-knowing almighty Lord Trump.

Ideas about freedom and a morally justified free society emanating from independent minds are critical in the development of human evolutionary development.

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