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The Case for Trump, a Strong Record of Keeping Promises.

A Beautifully Written Opinion by Hugh Hewitt

TRUMP2020President Donald J. Trump has kept his promises. He has completely shaken the political establishment in America. Such disruptive activities are bound to create formidable foes and confound them as he outmaneuvers them at every step.

In fact, he has drawn the attention of the populace of the world in what they can do in their countries. For example, President Trump has directly challenged rogue nations like Iran. To their peril, they will not dare take another cheap shot especially after the Iranian people got news of their government blowing up a commercial airliner.

During the Obama Administration, there was a definition of America’s new exceptionalism.

“How do we think about the idea of America?” Obama asked, according to notes taken by his speechwriter. That first question led to others. What made the country that Obama had led, and sometimes criticized, exceptional? Did the president’s race, upbringing and time overseas provide a different view of what it meant to love America?”

America must re-elect President Donald J. Trump.

For the first time in decades, we have a brilliant businessman showing the politicians how to manage the government which includes the deep state bureaucrats. There has never been a president that is willing to listen to all points of view. He has done his best to improve the lives of every American.

Please read a beautifully written article: Washington Post | The case for Trump will come down to his record. It’s a strong one.

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