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Trumpsters don’t care what the media says, with or without Fox

Howard Kurtz – FOX News takes the PC approach

Lessons were handed out to the left and to the right, but even the media doesn’t listen to bold messages coming from the heartland of America. They fail to interview Trumpsters. There were a measly handful of  pollsters who correctly predicted the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, but the mainstream media continued to print or broadcast fake news. “Popular voters” couldn’t fathom how their gal (who could still easily win the “Big House”) lost the 2016 presidential election.

A Trumpster Deplorable takes a Direct Approach

In Los Angeles, anyone driving through traffic got an earful of BS while trapped in their cars, listening to one-sided radio commentary oozing from the eerily questionable KNX-1070 all-news radio, a CBS subsidiary. Driving in the bumper-to-bumper traffic on congested highways, it wasn’t difficult to notice those who were either condescendingly smug in their electric Tesla’s or those few desperate deplorables in their Ford monster cars, trucks, and gas-guzzling SUV’s deeply saddened by the early returns.

However, before hugging the kids and tucking them into bed, the spouse urged everyone to huddle around the television to watch the one and only, the great Fox News. As Sean Hannity would declare on many occasions, “Let not your heart be troubled.” Our family blinked and so did Mr. Hannity because a few moments later, amazingly, Gotham City’s New York Times had just released a diabolical poll in support for President-elect Trump. Somehow, against the odds, a growing angst, a feeling of high anxiety or “deep state” dread, dethroned the “wannabee, hurt so badly, say it is not true” games at Clinton News Network (CNN), MSNBC (home of demagogue Rachel Maddow, fly-in-his pants sportscaster Hardball with Chris Matthews), and the DNC’s “glass-ceiling” party. They also cancelled the fireworks display.

Onward Trumpsters, put Melania in the Trump House!

Many of us participated in Trump Rally’s like the one in Costa Mesa, California. Trumpsters got hurt at the rally’s. Many of us wore festive MAGA cap, flew Trumpster flags, or wore “Madame Clinton goes to prison” T-shirts on city streets. We did our best to convince family, friends and foe alike to vote for President-elect Trump. Not a good response from any of them. In fact, many of them were quoting lines from whack-jobs like Debbie Wasserman Schultz (former DNC-Chairperson who admittedly jilted poor Bernie), Michael Moore (who unwittingly praised Trump on one clip) or “unborn in the USA” Bruce Springsteen (who lost his vibrations with us many years ago).

Guess who saved us?
The heartland of America! We salute you!

The rural communities stood up proudly and voted unabashedly in a tour de force. Rebel Pride from the South, and even God showed up. Courageous voters from the traditional “blue wall” states (hello Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Michigan and the whopper Pennsylvania…almost Minnesota, oh yeah!), and with assistance by the almighty rock and roll hunter Ted Nugent, they combined their efforts to bring tougher-than-steel voters to cast their important votes. Kudos to the coal miners in West Virginia, their Senators and Congressman or Congresswomen for not playing politics.

Voters, who were out-of-sight and out-of-touch from the coastal elites, ignored the slick celebrities. Even a few city-slickers from Detroit, the Ford Motor City Capital of the World, would not to be denied an opportunity to cast their lonely votes.

Had it not been for the Golden State (Schwarzenegger failed California), President Trump would have also won the popular vote. But, the true geniuses who wrote the Constitution recognized the importance of the populace vote and gave the smaller states the right to be counted on a level playing field.

Nothing mattered to us. There was “common sense goodness” coming from a forgotten and mistreated populace that didn’t give a damn about the outcome. Trumpsters were determined to do their best to put President-elect Trump in the Trump House. The entire country wanted a new direction. We wanted fresh opportunities. Many of us wanted a fair chance.

The Trumpster Generation Has Arrived

We landed a man on the moon a very long time ago, yet, we developed smart phones, and ended up texting rather than respecting the person in front of us. We have isolated ourselves. Who can still chat in an open discussion without holding their breath or breaking up relationships? Sadly, many global warming enthusiasts turned into “depolarization drones.”

Where have we been? What have we become? What is happening to our generation?

No more games. No more politicians. We voted for a proud and brash outsider. He offers wild flavors that appeal to us!

The most irritating media trope to emerge in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election is the idea that it was a rebuke to “condescending” liberals who live in our own “bubbles,” according to Kevin Baker of the New Republic. “The people who are for Trump are not embarrassed to be for Trump.”

Trumpsters are loyal to President Trump

Dear Lord, is there a sunray full of hope that President Trump can keep his promises? We know he won’t be able to keep most of them, obviously no fault of his own, but what if?

Wouldn’t it be nice to toss out the low political intellect that is destroying our western civilization? Wouldn’t it be great if the politicians couldn’t financially profit from their laurels?

Isn’t it a thrill to watch his every move, his every tweet, and his business acumen style? President Trump is emerging as a global leader. He is challenging the establishment.

Therefore, we have faith. He will do his very best to make it happen! The Trumpsters ain’t budgin’.

We won big league. We own it. We got our country back.

If the logic in this article does not impress you, click on a remarkable story by Howard Kurtz (link below) to read his polished opinion.

Why Trump backers aren’t swayed by media attacks, with or without Fox, by Howard Kurtz – Fox News.

In the meantime, we invite you to a celebration to honor daddy with our crazy brother from another dimension…the luvly MILO, Info-Wars Star Alex Jones, and American patriot Roger Stone. Preach the Peace!

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