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Your PiC Chat is Deplorable Chit Chat Online

Almost half of America is Politically Incorrect (PiC) according to Mainstream Media, Google and Social Media Websites

LA JOLLA, Calif. – May 7, 2019 – PRLog — ‘Your PiC Chat’ is an amateur challenge to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube which have become grueling and quite frustrating experiences as they filter, suspend or terminate accounts.

They hunt people down if links are clicked to political content. At the same time – and we have proof – search engines such as Google penalize websites they just don’t like.

DuckDuckGo respects your privacy and mostly non-filtered content during a search

DuckDuckGo Trumpster RankIn Google search, a sponsored website, “TRUMPSTER” is nowhere to be found but comes in at #1 or #2 in DuckDuckGo, Yahoo and Microsoft Edge. One of the two slots is occupied by the Trump White House on the first page of a Chrome browser.

Google Trumpster Rank

Fox News reports: Growing concerns over Facebook’s hate speech ban

In Facebook pages and groups, Facebook rejects any advertisements and promotions containing Pro-Trump political content. Yet, when another sponsored website, “Galactic Warrior Empire” submits advertisements and promotions, BAM! Approved within minutes. A few of the online gaming sites contain extreme violence and some nasty stuff.

People can wear rebellious communist T-shirts but half the country can’t wear MAGA attire or wave flags on the streets, especially in California. Patriotic Americans are humiliated and sometimes beaten up. Ridiculous!

Google Plan to Prevent “Trump situation” in 2020 on Hidden Cam | by Staff Report June 24, 2019, in News Posts / Press Releases / Top Stories / Veritas Leaks / Tech / Google

Back to the Middle Ages for Social Media Networks

Today, it is no secret especially among Pro-Trump supporters that social media networks reign in their fiefdoms acting as feudal lords. They are censoring our free speech.

Something must be done (today, not tomorrow) to confront and challenge the feudal lords and their vassals.

Your PiC Chat is a better choice for discussions and posting comments. A “Deplorable” can enjoy discussions. International participants are welcome! Post comments with live video without scrutiny. We have a variety of exciting topics to discuss under the sun.

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