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What is the Great News about the Steel and Aluminum Industry in the Blue Belt States?

It’s been about three weeks since mainstream news has reported about any improvements about the steel and aluminum industries in the Blue Belt States. All of the reporting including FOX went dark. After a search on the Internet, along with CNN, I found that mainstream news is extremely biased against President Trump.

They said three weeks ago that support was waning. According to CNN, “many economists are dubious that Trump’s invitation of a trade war will ultimately help the economy.” Do those “really smart economists” leverage their expertise by living and joining proactive groups to find solutions to improve communities in the Blue Belt States? Or rather, do they flip rhetorical numbers and rattle minds like the kids doing their march in D.C.

Now, they have all gone silent.

I want to know how the Blue Belt States are doing?

Seriously, I want to celebrate a major victory with them. Put aside politics.

I want to see them flipping the switches back on in the plants.

I want to see people winning great jobs from dilapidated communities.

I want to see companies hiring, hiring, hiring at great wages – bringing communities bustling back to life again!

Ya know, those regions have got to MAKE SOME NOISE! The President can’t do it alone. To hell with the politicians and the media. Hear me out almighty unions. Don’t play politics, please. Get your brethren back to work! Let’s celebrate the warm glow of this coming Christmas together.

Pull out webcams and smartphones. Let’s publish on YouTube and the Internet. Come on fellas!

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