President Trump CPAC 2018 Speech
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President Trump CPAC 2019 Speech

A Spectacular CPAC Conference – Headline: President Trump CPAC 2019 Speech

The biggest names assembled at CPAC, one of the conservative movement’s conferences, gathered in National Harbor, Maryland, to celebrate another spectacular year for the Republican Party. Even though their leadership has been mediocre at best, President Trump, fresh off his trip to Vietnam to meet with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, will spark tremendous sunshine along with Candice Owens, Sebastian Gorka, Michelle Malkin, Fox News host Laura Ingraham, and the great one, Mark Levin.

In rebuttal to what the lamestream media spurts out, CPAC has more positive waves and much more vibrant energy compared in years past. Bigger groups from all walks of society are tuning in to witness history in the making.

Better than the Oscars as judged by hard-working middle-class Americans and quite relevant!

It’s interesting to watch how poorly the American media lacks the foresight to notice their irrelevant reporting. Dry-humping along, they cannot report an event without acting like stiff-and-sore losing pundits. It might be too much for their braggadocious reputation for tolerance of other political views.

What is laughable is how the lamestream media can shove it out but can’t take one “shovel-ready.”

The most nostalgic moment was at the very beginning when Trump shared a long, very tender embrace with an American flag onstage.

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