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Once Again, POTUS routs on “no platform” Democratic Party 5 for 5

Dimwit Democrats saw hope for the future after O’Connor’s showing in a bright red district that President Trump won handily by 11 percentage points in 2016.

“This gives me optimism,” Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez said on CNN’s “New Day.” “Not only about this seat but about other House seats, the US Senate, and governor’s races.”

It’s time for a reality check. After all the fuss, the only clear message that counts beyond the optimism is, “YOU LOST!”

Time and time again, the pollsters, media and the lefties not only lost, but lost big-league. Let’s tally the score. The Trump victory count is five for five – WINNER ==> TRUMP!

President Trump 5 for 5!

The blue wave failed to materialize. When piles of money from all sides focused on five heavily contested races, the effort was not enough to slow down the Trump Train and the Deplorables.

The biggest obstacle confronting the Democratic Party is their message. They don’t have one. The best they can do is obstruct a conservative agenda. Hardly a platform to seriously consider while President Donald J. Trump boldly delivers promises that are being felt by every American.

The “moral victories” like those last year in Kansas, Georgia, Montana and South Carolina mean nothing. Democrats need to steal seats in districts which Republicans historically owned. And Democrats keep coming up short with the exception of Lamb’s victory.

– Chad Pergram

A rift is exposed between feigning hope and a growing conversion of voters building into a red tsunami and switching over to candidates endorsing a Trump agenda in the fall midterm elections.

The more jobs created and more vibrant the economy, the harder it will be for voters to resist temptation. Go with the flow and become an active participant in the greatest upheaval of our political system the world has ever witnessed.

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