Rod Rosenstein and Devin Nunes
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Nunes: IG report shows text messages were held from Congress

Trumpsters do not trust Rosenstein

Comrade Rosenstein made several vicious threats to members of Congress and their staff in January of this year to subpoena all their communications. Devin Nunes is not intimidated. He boldly challenges Rod Rosenstein.

His cold-blooded threats shut down many of their sources of legitimate communications. Their sources are reluctant to take any risks that could turn their lives into living hell.

We are not thinking through the enormity of Rosenstein’s threats and the profound effects they have had on our freedom.

If this form of intimation becomes prevalent in our society, the dirty cops win. We become a Third World Country. Yes, it seems like we have arrived.

We have no chance of maintaining American freedom and the rule of law.

If we can’t grab the reins and “steer a better course,” the horses will buck and toss us into a deep abyss. We won’t recover.

Do whatever you can spread the word according to President Trump. Don’t rely on others to share information for you.

Grab the reins. Seize precious moments and use the flow of information (stirrups) to keep our American spirit (wild horses) riding to heaven alive and well.

adapted from Mr. Bill Still of the Still Report.

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