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Democrats had a spectacular run AFTER the 2018 Mid-Term Elections

Democrats Snatch a Dozen US House Seats AFTER the 2018 Mid-term Elections

Democrats had a spectacular run AFTER the Mid-Term elections.  Trump tweeted out twice on the day of the election warning faithful Pro-Trump loyalists what would happen to those who got caught in voter fraud. There are several reports of hidden investigators monitoring their ridiculous antics. The Demon Rats “emerging out of the swamp” are about to take a cold shower in prison.

The left-wing lunatics are at it again. They want to dethrone a powerful American leader who out-smarted them. . Along with their cohorts, deep-state Republicans representing an entrenched establishment are not willing to relinquish their kingdom.

The anti-Trump forces – Democrats and even some disgruntled Republicans.

Be prepared folks. The evidence disputes so many of their claims leaking out of potty-mouth D.C. that it will make your head spin.

The ‘RED TSUNAMI’ Did Happen

Trump won the election. We are about to see proof of it. We will get the truth as court cases revealing boxes of evidence are published through reliable sources. SCOTUS should order special elections to be held whenever there are no ‘clear’ winners. Homeland security should get involved in directly monitoring the polls and ballots.

Watch California as Sacramento, the leaders of deception, pulls out their celebrity trolls to scream more of the same malicious intrigue against a duly-elected president. The fraud reported in California and Florida by faithful Pro-Trump loyalists will reverberate throughout the entire nation.

Republican Young Kim loses lead in California House race, accuses opponent Gil Cisneros of harassing vote counters

Yes, Democrats had a spectacular run AFTER the Mid-Term elections. Nonetheless, let’s remain cool and outsmart them when they whip out their next bag of tricks in the upcoming 2020 election.

Read More: UPDATE: Since ELECTION DAY Democrats Snatch a Dozen US House Seats — And Now Suddenly Lead in 7 of 10 Undecided Races.

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