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Deep State of Desperation – Media Lunatics

Lauren DeBellis Appell

By | Fox News (adapted)

The anti-Trump forces – Democrats and even some disgruntled Republicans

The Washington establishment is frantically melting down, fearing that the end of the Trump era might not be near, and admitting that – surprise – the Deep State really does exist after all and is working overtime to stop President Trump.

The left-wing lunatics are at it again. They want to dethrone a powerful American leader who out-smarted them. Along with their cohorts, deep-state Republicans representing an entrenched establishment are not willing to relinquish their kingdom.

In one week, a barrage of attacks were leveled against a duly-elected President. The Russians had nothing to do with it. Mueller’s investigation is wrongfully prosecuting everyone else but their main target – Trump. Mueller over-extended beyond his authority and made a mockery over laggard and disappointment Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions.

It took the courage of half the electorate and a majority of electoral votes to toss out Madame “Big-House” Clinton.

Bob Woodward on “Fear” in the Trump White House

Let’s focus on the biggest smear attempt this week. Let’s watch the video:

What a bunch of bull. You can’t find stories like this in the National Inquirer, which publishes articles with more substance than fake news at this scale.

To be clear, there is no authority named or listed to legitimize goof-ball Woodward. The interview does not identify sources or add to any constructive discussion. There are too many people accustomed to getting their news from Comedy Central and too lazy to do their own research.

At most universities, thesis and term papers demand primary and secondary sources to obtain a grade past fail. Does goof-ball Woodward expect to set the new standard in journalism? Or, does he fail?


From an amateur standpoint, how much more pressure can POTUS handle? Yet, President Donald J. Trump has accomplished more during his first two years in office than any President before him – a truly amazing feat!

Mr. President, get out of D.C. to visit the populace, the Trumpsters that voted for you. Continue doing rallies so that, together, the celebration continues.

America has a rare opportunity to undergo radical and uninhibited transformation. It can only be done with a powerful POTUS. Trumpsters stand firmly with you.

Deep State desperation: NYT op-ed, Woodward book and Kavanaugh antics reveal turmoil in DC

Ms. Lauren DeBellis Appell wrote a brilliant opinion.

What motivation would a reputable newspaper have for publishing this without a name behind it, and what motivation would the writer have for writing this without using his or her name?

Read More: Fox News Opinion, Deep State desperation: NYT op-ed, Woodward book and Kavanaugh antics reveal turmoil in DC.

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