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Can Donald J. Trump Save America?

Image Credit to Ben Garrison. Permission Granted.

Can Donald J. Trump Save America?

We are in a profound moment of uncertainty for America. The idea of changing presidents during a global pandemic terrifies many voters. Trump is going to continue doing whatever he thinks is right, regardless of what might be conventionally accepted or advised. Granted, whether this is going to work for him a second time around remains to be seen yet.

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Shop at the Ben Garrison Store. Permission granted to use the image.

Not a day goes by where the world media is not rushing to cover the latest Trump speech, quote, or scandal. The President has been a controversial leader in world politics since his election in 2016, and the upcoming November election has only increased his profile. This year, Trump is going to face off against Joe Biden in what may be one of the most fraught elections in living memory. The COVID-19 crisis in the United States has only made the situation more complicated and changed the priorities of many voters.

It took many people by surprise when President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. She certainly did not take the loss well, which arguably made many people warm to Trump somewhat. Since then, however, his presidential term has been inflamed with allegedly artificial controversies and scandals. So far, nothing has been proven and he remains the president with stronger support by loyal Trumpsters and a bolder Republican Party.

Conscious Incompetence

His opponent for this election, Joe Biden, has hardly inspired faith among the American populace. Many are concerned that he may be suffering from some form of dementia. There are rumors that his selection of Senator Kamala Harris for Vice-President was a horrible choice, even among her constituents. During a debate, Harris was ruthless against Biden. If we are concerned about divisiveness in the country, she would be considered one of the instigators of that assertion.

In fact, a big-leagued October surprise was sprung by the New York Post. This election year, not surprisingly because it has been known for a while, it is all about investigating the “criminal Biden family,” and this time, it is not a hoax. RNC files FEC complaint against Twitter over the censoring of Post’s Biden exposé | New York Post

The New York Post, founded by Alexander Hamilton, is the fourth largest daily newspaper in the United States.

If the Democratic Party does not have a better offering than Joe Biden, then Trump should win the 2020 election with relative ease. Although much of the American media is resolutely anti-Trump, he has sustained solid support from his loyal Trumpster voter base. He is uniting the Republican Party even further with his selection of conservative Supreme Court Justices. It is becoming more difficult for Anti-Trumpers like Republican Mitt Romney, R-Utah to challenge his every move.

The sharp contrast in intellectual candor between the inept grandstanding of Sen. Kamala Harris, D-California (the Vice-Presidential nominee), and the respectable Senator Josh Hawley, R-Missouri clearly demonstrates the total breakdown of the Democratic Party since the election of Trump.

We Cannot Afford a Divisive President

A major problem for the Democrat Party and its voters is their profound focus on issues that divide the country. They refuse to acknowledge the violence in cities held by Democrat mayors. They will not renounce the violence propagating nightly by Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other terrorist groups.

Mainstream media continuously harasses the president about the violence from the radical right that Trump has many times disavowed and condemned.

All of them are wasting valuable time by attacking President Trump rather than offering common-sense solutions. They continue to block efforts for another stimulus plan to help everyone in the country. No, a stimulus plan should not be a rescue mission to support improperly managed states. No, a stimulus plan should not include items that have nothing to do with bringing back the economy to its upwardly vigorous recovery before COVID.

Trump Returns to the White House - Ben Garrison
Trump Returns to the White House – Ben Garrison. Permission granted to use the image.

In fact, Trump’s approach has been the exact opposite. His attitude is motivating as he campaigns to expand his base to include Democrats, women, and especially the minorities. If you go to a Trump rally, it is all-inclusive. It is a peaceful protest which works better than calling it a rally due to the lefties concern about being politically correct – how ridiculous is that?

“You devoted yourself to this country and I am devoting my life to you.” POTUS

The Case for Trump, A Strong Record of Keeping Promises

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