Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions
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Atty. Gen. Sessions, Where is Your Dignity and Self-Respect?

Trumpsters deeply admired Atty. Gen. Sessions

We were deceived! The very next day in office, he recused himself from the Russia investigation. After a lengthy investigation, Mueller has nothing on POTUS but instead, destroyed lives with peripheral scandals not related to the Russia investigation.

Amidst the additional transgressions and refusal to cooperate and release documents to congress and courts, regrettably, Atty. Gen. Sessions is part of the deep-state establishment.

In her Opening Statement, Judge Jeanine Pirro directly addressed Jeff Sessions, blasting him for the job he’s done as attorney general. She asked if Sessions had any self-respect and why he’d remain in a position where he knows he isn’t wanted.

President Trump said in an interview with Bloomberg News that Sessions would have his job at least until after the midterms, despite the attorney general recusing himself from the Russia probe last year.

The move has been repeatedly criticized by the president, who tweeted last week that Sessions “doesn’t understand what is happening underneath his command position.”

Trump Tweet about Jeff Sessions

Read more: Fox News Insider, Judge Pirro Blasts AG Sessions: ‘Resign Immediately’ or ‘Be a Real Attorney General’

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